Putting the Customer at the Heart of Everything

What’s a business without customers? An expensive hobby! And so we need to make sure that we’re looking after our customers. That we’re giving them incredible experiences. That we’re providing seamless buying journeys that leave them satisfied. 

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Why WordPress is better for e-commerce than Wix or Shopify

Adding ecommerce to your website can be complicated, so how do you choose between Wix, Shopify and WordPress?

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How WordPress Works

It can be hard to avoid using technical terms when talking about website development but understanding how something works can often be the key to appreciating why it’s the best option for your business.

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Low Carbon WordPress: Reducing your Virtual Footprint

When you try to estimate your carbon footprint, you might think of all kinds of things you do (or don’t do); eating meat, for example. Driving a car. Hopping on a plane. Buying imported fruit and veg. But did you know that everything you do online also generates CO2 emissions?

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What Support Should You Expect From Your Website Developer?

When you approach a website developer to help you create a new website, you may have a vision of what you want to achieve. The developer’s job is to take that vision and translate it into something that converts site visitors into users of your services.

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