Happy Workiversary, James!

It seems like only yesterday that James came in for his first day, and now we get to celebrate one year with Soto!

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Optimising your WordPress website for conversions

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a technique that deals with how visitors are engaging with your website. This involves tracking and optimising the number of visitors who are taking a…

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Let’s all do our part: Printable COVID-19 leaflet

A friend of Soto had an amazing idea; to create a printable leaflet that could be distributed and allow you to signal if you need or can provide help…

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Internet security for you and your employees

As we all look at what we can do to help, we’d like to help all our clients on the tech front if we can by offering free Internet security for a year.

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Working as usual, in unusual times

Fortunately, we’re well set up for home working as it’s something we do fairly regularly. All I had to do was lock the door on the way out!

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