Digital is in our nature

Since 2009 we’ve brought our passion for unforgettable website development to Bristol and beyond!

The majority of our work lies with building or maintaining WordPress websites, but for most of our clients we’re more than just a service provider; we become part of your team, building long lasting, collaborative relationships.

Soto is made up of a core team of devoted account managers and developers who have helped us grow into one of Bristol’s best-known boutique development agencies, renowned for jargon-free approach and first-class client service.

If you’re an eco-conscious company that’s trying to make the world a better place, then we want to work with you! Please get in touch.


Zoey O’Neill

Managing Director

James Brooks


Laura Simpson


Mahbub Hasan

Senior Developer



Above all else we value real, honest relationships; striving to understand what makes our clients tick so we can offer continuous development and improvements that will help them move forwards.


Creative passion drives us to keep growing and improving. We put that passion into everything we do, from brand to design, development to UX and everything in between.


Understanding comes through communication. We understand what success looks like for our clients, and they understand how and when we’ll get there through clear plans, milestones and plain speaking.


The sum of our other values; we aim for excellence in everything we do. Through care and attention to detail, collaboration and clear communication, we deliver quality projects on time and in full.


We were looking to update our very tired old website and also do a brand refresh and SOTO was recommended to us as a web services partner.

Over time, we’ve done those things and more. They’ve supported us through a couple of evolutions of our business and several iterations of our site – not always easy – and we now have something that reflects us well and continues to be improved with their support. Our web presence is in excellent hands.

More than the skill they bring to the provision of our website, which is what one might expect, the thing we most value is our strong ongoing relationship and the care they bring to the work. They feel like part of our extended team and that’s not something we take for granted. Without exception and no matter what the ask, they make an effort to understand what we’re after and to make the best of the space we have online and the function it serves. For a business like ours, which is founded on values of connection and collaboration, this is critical. We wanted a trusted partner, not just a quality supplier. In SOTO we have both.

Kenda Gaynham - Partner

Meeting Magic

EASL has been working with Soto for a few years now. I worked closely with Zoey and her team to create a more modern and mobile-friendly website that would give our team greater flexibility for managing content. Thanks to our collaboration using the Agile method the website development and launch went smoothly. The Soto team is very reactive and flexible and it is a pleasure to work with them. Zoey travelled regularly to our office in Geneva to assess the project and our future development needs.

Lea Selosse - Marketing & Communication Coordinator


The thing that most attracted me to Soto during my search for a new web developer was the ease of communication. Zoey listens really well and I’m often amazed by how quickly she grasps not just our website questions but also the business behind it. This communication is the thing I value most. I’ve never found anyone else who enjoys speaking to their web developer as much as we do and I recommend Soto very regularly to other businesses.

Since working with Soto, I’ve never been frustrated by empty promises or over enthusiastic quotes or time frames. Everything is as it should be and often better. We work together, discuss problems, decide on solutions and it’s all easy and straightforward. I regularly pat myself on the back for finding Soto: they’re the honest, reliable, helpful people you wish you’d found years ago.

Sarah Perry - Director

Le Loop

Soto did a great job of pulling our new research project website together – and great level of responsiveness to ongoing edits needed. Would recommend them.

Daniel Black

UPSTREAM- Shape Our City

We initially went to Soto with some new content for our old website; their advice was to redesign and redevelop the site in a way that truly meets our growing needs. The new website that Soto delivered has exceeded our expectations, visually and architecturally, we love it and are excited to continue to work with Soto to extend and optimise it.

Sarah Green - Head of Membership & Business Development

12 Hay Hill

We are really happy to recommend Soto. We love their design work and they are as quick and efficient as they are creative and intelligent. We are also very pleased with the technical support they have provided us.

Jonathan Self

Honey's Real Dog Food