Shout out to Le Loop

We often scream and shout about new website launches but we rarely mention the day to day work and support we provide to existing clients. Le Loop have been partners with us since 2013, and we love the relationship we have with their team. Every year they organise a trip for cyclists following the route of the Tour de France, to raise money for William Wates Memorial Trust. This means every year they add functionalities to their website, update the routes for riders, find ways to encourage new members to sign up and raise money for an amazing cause.

We are constantly working to improve the speed of the site, optimisation and general performance. As Le Loop’s supporters grow so do their website needs and we’re always hands on deck to help and advise them.

We want to congratulate the guys at Le Loop for finishing up another successful tour – Tickets go on sale for 2020 on Friday, so visit their website to find out how to get involved.

We’re so grateful they feel the same way about us as we do them; it’s a fantastic partnership, and we look forward to what’s in store for the future!. Listen to what their director, Sarah Perry, has to say about working with us: