Silverstone Dream Cars

Client since: 2012
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Although Silverstone Dream Cars, or SDC only launched in 2020, we’ve been working with the team there since 2012.




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The Brief

The guys needed a bespoke e-commerce website to sell tickets to their dream car giveaways.

The Solution

We built them bespoke WordPress functionality to allocate random ticket numbers to every sale of tickets, as well as the ability to allocate free tickets to their customers and much more besides – we can’t give all their secrets away!

Since the site launched we’ve been working with the lads to make constant front and back end improvements, to make the user experience for their customers, and for them when they need to update it.



Ryan & Gareth - Directors at SDC

Silverstone Dream Cars

Project Lead

Zoey O’Neill

Managing Director

This has been, and continues to be, such a fun project – everything about the brand and the concept screams fun and we have loved working with them!