Disconnect Day Update

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our first ever Disconnect Day on the 21stJune, and racked up an impressive 753 hours of disconnect time  – that’s enough hours for one person to disconnect for the whole of July!

We had engagement from individuals and businesses from all over the world, and online publicity from Bristol 24/7, Bristol Media and Creative Business News.

“I am going to take the afternoon away from screens and spend some time with my family,” said TBD’s Simon Marshall, whereas Soto’s own account manager Andy Kendall was off camping in the countryside for some full on disconnect time.

“Great idea. Combine with a day out in the countryside,” said Farmers of the UK, although “with current broadband speeds in rural areas many #farmers would argue they have a #disconnectday every day of the week…”

We hope you all had a relaxing time no matter what you did– we plan to make this an annual event so any ideas or feedback is much appreciated!

We’d love to collect even more hours next year, but 753 is still an amount to be proud of. Did you know in that time, you could:

  • Drive across the United States 15 times
  • Watch James Cameron’s epic Titanic 229 times
  • You could walk to Moscow (in theory!) with over 100 hours to spare

Check out the Disconnect Day website for more information.