Swiss NASH Foundation

Client since: 2019

The Swiss NASH Foundation launched in October 2019 as a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising of awareness and sharing information about about NASH (Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). NASH is liver inflammation and damage caused by a buildup of fat in the liver. Through funding cutting edge research projects and increasing the knowledge and awareness about NASH, the foundation aims to contribute to treatment and improving patients’ quality of life.

The Brief

We were thrilled to work with the foundation on the design and build of their website.  After detailed discussions to understand the Foundation’s purpose and their objectives for the website, we designed a modern, responsive and user-friendly website. They wanted the website to have a serious tone due to the nature of its medical content, but remain approachable and accessible for patients and families of people suffering with the NASH, who will ultimately use the site for information. We were able to strike this balance by investing time in finding the right imagery.

The Solution

The website was built to be informative yet stylish, providing news, research and information to highlight the increasing prevalence of the disease. In order to add a bit of flare to these pages we introduced animation and simple icons. The most complicated part of this website was the donation page, which allows users to make one-off and monthly payments. Users can also make donations in honour of others, and the website sends an email to that person to let them know, allowing the user to personalise the message that is sent. This feature will be useful for their analysis of donations and future marketing, but also adds a really nice personal touch to donating to a foundation.

This was a really great project to work on, working with the Foundation from its formation and getting to understand their goals.  We added some fun touches such as a styled Twitter feed, statistics animations, and icons to highlight risk factors for the disease. The final launch was exciting as it coincided with the launch of the Foundation itself. We are all really happy with the website and hope it serves its purpose well. We will continue to work with the Foundation measure the website’s performance and provide maintenance.

Visit the Swiss NASH Foundation.


Working with Soto went very smoothly, they are really professional and have a great level of responsiveness. They did a great job in creating and developing the Swiss NASH Foundation website. The design and structure of the website were above our expectations. I would definitely recommend them.

Mounia Heddad

Swiss NASH Foundation

Project Lead