The Foundation Against Liver Cancer

Client since: 2019

The Swiss Foundation Against Liver Cancer was set up to improve prevention and detection of liver cancer. The foundation invests and focuses on three areas of medical research: research into the triggers of liver cancer (risk factors), the identification of biomarkers appearing in the early stages of cancer development and thus enabling early diagnosis and also the development of new targeted therapies. The foundation already had a website, however, over the years it had become unstructured and messy, it was hard for the foundation to use it for any promotion of events or announcements. They came to us asking for a total redesign of the existing website and to restructure the content. 

The Brief

The foundation already had a logo and various branding guidelines so the task to redesign the website using these guidelines and to create a modern, fresh, easy to use website for both patients and professionals. The website needed to be available in both French and German languages, with the capability of adding other languages at a later date. The foundation were keen to emphasis the promotion of their annual event, the HCC update day, and also ensure they were providing enough educational and scientific information.

The Solution

Using the content from the old website we designed a slick, more modern looking website. Due to the sensitive nature of the foundation the design could not be too bold or bright, we have to get the correct tone for the users that would be visiting the website. We designed icons and infographics to highlight key messages and facts about the illness such as risk factors or statistics. The donations area of the website was really important for the foundation, they wanted donors to have the ability to make donations in honour or in memory of loved ones who had the illness or to their families if they had unfortunately passed away. We designed two customisable email messages that would be sent to the recipients of the donation.

We built the website from a bespoke design and so all of the development was bespoke as well. The site was built in modules which means if the foundation wish to add new pages and sections in the future they can use custom built modules to build the new pages without compromising the style.

We will continue to work with the foundation to optimise and help them maintain the website.