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Selene Accounting

The brief was to make it as easy as possible to get site visitors to get in touch with them, to show case their services and to demonstrate the wide range of clients they work with.  To do this we used lots of small contact forms to encourage people to book a free initial consultation.  They have service and testimonial sections to give visitors more information on what they do and who they do it for, and a selection of this information is also on the homepage.

In terms of design they didn’t want to look like accountants; they wanted to be fresh, different and not too text heavy.  We did this by incorporating the bright colours from their logo and where lots of text was needed, we used expandable sections to break it up and make it more digestible.

what the client had to say

“Having started our business – Horizon Accounting in April this year, we appreciated the importance of a well presented website to boost our client base. SOTO came highly recommended by friends and we soon began to understand why.

Zoey and her team were innovative, professional and approachable in providing us with a high quality, comprehensive service and impressive website. We were delighted with the way all of our queries were handled and would recommend SOTO to our clients.”