Meeting Magic

Client since: 2016

Meeting Magic are meeting facilitators and management consultants with a difference; they bring their eclectic style, highly developed skills, and their flexibility to a corporate world assisting leaders and managers at all levels in a very broad variety of organisations all around the world. They also, importantly, work within the community on social projects so they’re not your average management consultants, and are not boxed in to working only with blue-chip clients.

We first started working with Meeting Magic in 2016 when we took over the hosting and maintenance of their existing website.  In 2017, they came to us for a complete rebrand and redesign of their website.

The Brief

A complete rebrand meant starting from the beginning with their name, logo, fonts, colours; their whole brand identity, ending with a new website, presentation templates, headed paper templates and business cards, amongst other assets.

Meeting Magic felt their old brand and website were too home-spun, and not quite professional enough to match the depth and reach of their capabilities and their impressive client base.  They’re a successful global business and their old brand was more representative of a small, local business. It was important for them to maintain their appeal to the 3rd sector, local and national government and community projects.

Objectives for the new site:
  • To demonstrate their human-centric character whilst still reflecting the prestigious work they do
  • To provide a compelling representation to visitors who have been referred to MM
  • To generate new enquiries for meeting facilitation
  • To encourage other consultancies to make contact, with a view to partnerships
  • To encourage other potential associate individuals to make contact, particularly on meeting facilitation

The Solution

For the new brand we wanted to create a logo that was hand written to emphasise their care, craft, artistic and human-centric qualities. The option the client chose was fun, lively, yet professional and we believe complimented the ‘magic’ part of their name. Each version of the logo was loosely worked into a website design, so once the logo was chosen the design for the website came quite naturally.

The team at Meeting Magic were very keen to ensure that the site had an artistic, artisanal look and feel to reflect the tailored approach of their client work.

We wanted to explore how the website was going to help drive enquiries. To do this we investigated user experience.  We identified the needs of potential clients, e.g. ‘help starting a new leadership role,’ and used those needs to entice the user to read on to find out how Meeting Magic could meet that need; describing their service and finally making it actionable by giving the user easy way to get in touch, e.g. a contact form or clickable phone number. We wanted to make sure the site had as many opportunities for interaction as possible, without over crowding.
The most challenging aspect of the project was working out the layout for the content. As one of the main objectives for the new site was to generate new enquiries a lot of thought went into the user experience and content. We worked closely with Meeting Magic to get this right and we continue to have regular meetings to discuss how we can further optimise the search, content and performance of the site.


We were looking to update our very tired old website and also do a brand refresh and SOTO was recommended to us as a web services partner.

Over time, we’ve done those things and more. They’ve supported us through a couple of evolutions of our business and several iterations of our site – not always easy – and we now have something that reflects us well and continues to be improved with their support. Our web presence is in excellent hands.

More than the skill they bring to the provision of our website, which is what one might expect, the thing we most value is our strong ongoing relationship and the care they bring to the work. They feel like part of our extended team and that’s not something we take for granted. Without exception and no matter what the ask, they make an effort to understand what we’re after and to make the best of the space we have online and the function it serves. For a business like ours, which is founded on values of connection and collaboration, this is critical. We wanted a trusted partner, not just a quality supplier. In SOTO we have both.

Kenda Gaynham - Partner

Meeting Magic