Le Loop

Client since: 2013

Every year the team at Le Loop (formerly known as Tour de Force) organise a trip for cyclists, following the route of the Tour de France, to raise money for William Wates Memorial Trust. We’ve been working with Le Loop since the beginning of 2013, who originally came to us for hosting and WordPress support. Ever since then we’ve support their website and anything else that comes with that, we love to grow with our clients and with Le Loop we certainly feel like part of the team.

The Brief

Since 2013 we’ve worked with them to evolve the website a little more each year, to make it work a bit harder and reduce the admin the team had to do. In 2015 we decided to launch a new, responsive site to better showcase the event itself, make it easier for cyclists to find the information they need and reduce the manual admin even further.

Then in 2017 when they rebranded to Le Loop we rebranded the site we made in 2015

In between some of the bigger changes to the website we continuously work with Ride Le Loop all year round, providing maintenance, phone and email support, backups, and software updates.

The Solution


Sarah Perry

Le Loop

Project Lead

Zoey O’Neill

Managing Director

We love working with Le Loop and essentially being an extension of their team. We try to be responsive as possible as we know how busy they can get especially during the summer months.