12 Hay Hill

Client since: 2015

12 Hay Hill are a private members’ business club situated in the heart of Mayfair. They pride themselves on providing a luxury experience to fulfil the ever-evolving business needs of global leaders. We’ve worked with 12 Hay Hill since 2015, helping them maintain their site, manage content and promote their annual Davos Debrief event. Their previous website was based on one page with a couple of extra stray pages. As their content was improving the site was becoming increasingly hard to add to and so we came up with a new solution.

The Brief

The project first came about when 12 Hay Hill asked us to add three stunningly shot videos of the club and its facilities. It was clear straight away that it would be a challenge to find a good place that would do the videos justice. We could have found a quick fix by creating a new ‘stray’ page or pages for the video content. However, this would’ve meant the main menu items became even more inconsistent, some would have scrolled down the page and others would have linked to different pages. It would have become confusing and complex and we would have ended up with the same problem for every new piece of content in the future.

The Solution

We needed to create something dynamic, efficient and complimentary to the sophisticated brand. We suggested to take the website design and content as it was and re-structure the whole site with multiple pages, this would mean less content on the home page and a main menu where every item goes to a new page. This solution solved the problem of consistency and allowed room for new content in the future.
SEO and analytics are important for 12 Hay Hill, and with this new structure we believe it will only enhance their position for a number of reasons; it will allow for the promotion of specific things and create a better heat-map of where users were ending up the most.

Although this restructure of their existing site did not involve any new design, it has resulted in a fresh, modern, and a more sophisticated look to the site. The videos are now embedded beautifully into the pages, showcasing the club and making them a valuable part of the website.  Check out the new website: www.12hayhill.com


We initially went to Soto with some new content for our old website; their advice was to redesign and redevelop the site in a way that truly meets our growing needs. The new website that Soto delivered has exceeded our expectations, visually and architecturally, we love it and are excited to continue to work with Soto to extend and optimise it.

Sarah Green - Head of Membership & Business Development

12 Hay Hill